Funny Friday – Market Yourself First

January 15, 2010

Before you can market anything, you need to be able to market yourself. There are thousands of websites that can give you interview preparation tips – there just is no excuse for you to not expect some fairly typical interview questions, like your biggest accomplishments or any questions about your professional experience.

Interview Tips | How To Nail An Interview (20 Tips)

The premise: wanting to understand why some people get a job after an interview and others don’t, Steinar Skipsness rented an office and then set up hidden cameras to videotape candidates during their interviews. He then put a job posting on Craigslist and scheduled interviews with candidates, asking them fairly typical interview questions. The results are hilarious, and I strongly recommend visiting for some tips on what NOT to do when selling yourself!

My personal favorite is the woman who flirts with the interviewer…

Which one made you laugh the most? Are you guilty of any of these mistakes?

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