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July 1, 2010

For the, like, two people who visit this blog, I’ve upgraded!!! Visit my NEW! IMPROVED! HOSTED BLOG at http://www.nikkibenner.com. Like my name, Nikki Benner. Sneaky, huh? Kind of funny, how that is… or not funny at all… I’ve answered to Nikki for most of my life (except for one job, where they insisted on calling me Nicole, which in all fairness is my given name) so I see little reason to start answering to “IntegratedMC.” Although if I do ever decide to throw down some phat rhymes, I may go by IntegratedMC… or not. Anyway, visit me at www.nikkibenner.com, because that’s where I am now.


To Be Continued...I highly recommend you click here to read this article from My Venture Pad about using “cliffhanger” marketing strategies. This sort of idea, when executed with consistency, gets your readers used to expecting content at a specific time on a specific topic, allowing you to better understand your prospect’s interests to better segment and market to your prospects. This strategy also creates content with lasting value.

In particular, I like the idea of  “Next Steps” :

Let’s say you have a 10-step process your prospects find value in. Post an article discussing step 1 and then tell your audience that the next steps will be posted each Tuesday (or whenever) for the next 9 weeks. If possible, invite them to opt in for notification about the  the next installment.

As the article suggests, cliffhanger marketing just requires some creative thought and creating (and following) an editorial calendar.

Ever forgotten to attach a promised document to your email?How many times have you sent an email promising an attachment, and hit send, without actually attaching the document? I’m guilty of this more often than not…

From my friend Chad, via his Facebook feed, I came across this link, which provides step-by-step instructions to add code to your Outlook that prompts you for the attachment:

“Did You Forget Something? Or, How to Get Outlook To Remind You to Insert a Forgotten Attachment” by David Horowitz – http://bit.ly/aCF2nR

A Font of Information

February 19, 2010

sample font stylesYour font can say a lot about your firm. Script fonts remind me of weddings, and I always think of wedding or party planners when I see them (or something feminine). Sans serif fonts tend to represent more modern or high-tech industries, while serif fonts usually convey respectability and stability.

However, because web browsers all have different ways of reading your website’s code, web designers must use care when choosing fonts for your website. This limits your font choices to universal fonts only, which is a missed opportunity for your website to stand out from the pack.

This may be changing due to CSS3, a new way of coding your website to allow for more font flexibility on your website. You may want to ask your webmaster or graphic designer about this option, so you can begin to integrate your overall branding strategy for your print materials with your web presence.

ht/ Field Notes: http://blog.capstrat.com/articles/you-cant-use-that-font-its-not-web-safe/

Time and Money

January 13, 2010

time versus moneyTime and money are two things that we always want more of, and feel we never have enough of.

When you’re developing your marketing plan (or planning an event, or really doing anything), the more you have of one, the less you really need of the other.

If you have money to invest in your marketing strategies, you can pay staff, consultants or marketing firms to develop advertising, public relations, and new media strategies and to implement them either with you or for you. You can buy advertising space in print media, you can buy keywords or click through ads, you can attend networking events and join professional associations.

When you don’t have a lot of money to invest in your marketing strategies, you should still take the time to develop your marketing plan. That plan should include low cost and free marketing platforms.

Read on to discover some small-budget and no-budget marketing ideas:

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