What’s Your Style?

January 12, 2010

The clothes we wear communicate something about us. Whether we dress conservatively, stylishly, or avant-garde, we tell the world a little bit about who we are with our style.

Various types of business attireLook at the image to the left and then imagine a career for each person based on their clothes.

Your firm’s correspondence also tells a story about your firm, and if you haven’t thought about your company’s style, you’re missing the opportunity to tell the world a little bit about yourself without saying a word.

A style guide is the clothes your company wears. It defines the fonts, colors, logo formats, and other design elements that define your company. Using the same design elements across all of your communications reinforces your company’s image. Your style guide provides clear design direction for all of your marketing materials, advertising, online presence, and even your business letters and emails. Your style guide doesn’t need to be fancy, but you do need one.

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